U.S.E. – Sideways Circle

Title : U.S.E. - Sideways Circle
Release Date : June 7, 2019
Catalog ref. : LabelWhoAble
Format : CD

Andrew Urbina – saxophone

Matt Scarano – drums

Sandy Eldred – bass

U.S.E.—Urbina, Scarano, Eldred—adventurous, fresh, exciting, focused…honest. These are gifted musicians and Sideways Circle is their title for this debut album. It is a provocative title with implications. The trio, in fact, comes at you from multiple perspectives and angles—sideways, forward, backward, up and down, in and out, diagonally. Their music and playing are not constrained by convention; the group dynamic is organic and completely attractive; the beautifully-constructed compositions are heartfelt, ferocious, soothing, in your face, gentle. From the plaintive, yet energetic “Features of a Forgotten Face,” to the pointillistic and hard driving “One Zero Nine,” to the inward-looking “That Story About You,” to the powerful outpouring of “What Did You Think?”—and on everything in between—this band cooks at all temperatures. The music and the playing are original and deep. U.S.E.—Urbina, Scarano, Eldred. They understand the sources, their collective voice is compelling, and they know where they are going. This is a trio of the highest order.”

— Norman David, Philadelphia, April 24, 2019

Bogdan Gumenyuk – The Way I Hear

Title : Bogdan Gumenyuk - The Way I Hear
Release Date : November 30, 2017
Format : CD

Bogdan Gumenyuk – Tenor

John Swana – EVI

Luis Perdomo – Piano

Sandy Eldred – Bass

Mark Whitfield II – Drums

Debut album from saxophonist Bogdan Gumenyuk. Featuring entirely original music by the artist. The band is comprised of musicians from Kiev, New York, and Philadelphia.

Slowbern – Dreams of Daedalus

Title : Slowbern - Dreams of Daedalus
Release Date : November 1, 2017
Format : CD

O’Beirne has been leading Slowbern (formerly Slowburn) since 2010 and he describes the band as a “community” with a large pool of potential members circulating in and out depending upon availability. Dreams of Daedalus features a cast of musicians who have been there since the beginning – Carl Schultz (tenor saxophone), Felix Manzi (drums),Josh Anderson (trumpet), Sandy Eldred (bass) and Dave Bozenhard (guitar). The band also includes many of O’Beirne’s old professors at UArts in Philadelphia includingJohn Swana and Tony Miceli, both Philly jazz legends. A trumpet hero of O’Beirne’s,Nick Marchione was able to play lead trumpet on the album; Sean Bailey also lent his clarinet acumen to the project doing woodwind overdubs.


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Norman David & The Eleventet – Crazy In Philly

Title : Crazy In Philly
Release Date : February 27, 2017
Format : CD

Recorded live at Plays & Players Theatre in Philadelphia, PA.

In 2000, David assembled and debuted the first Philadelphia version of The Eleventet. In mid-2007, he finalized a permanent Philadelphia roster of players, comprised of the cream of that city’s jazz artists and usually including some of the above-mentioned or other prominent musicians. The Eleventet is featured exclusively throughout the year at Plays and Players Theater, one of Philadelphia’s venerable venues for the creative arts. Additionally, the band performs regularly at other notable locales in the region. The Eleventet produces breathtaking ensemble-playing filled with monster solos. David’s original compositions and arrangements propel the listener down unexpected paths and through surprising twists and turns.


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Norman David & The Eleventet – Please Call

Title : Please Call
Release Date : September 26, 2016
Format : CD

Norman David directs, plays with and composes the music for his ensemble, The Eleventet. For almost 20 years beginning in the early 1980s, David led versions of the Eleventet in Boston, central Maine, and NYC. Among the musicians who have played with the band are George Garzone, Dick Oatts, Tim Hagans, John Fedchock, John Swana, Seamus Blake, Terell Stafford, Joe Magnarelli, Greg Hopkins. Jon Gordon, Ben Schachter, Gary Smulyan, Scott Robinson, Tom Lawton, John Hébert and Tim Horner. Please Call is Norman David & The Eleventet’s second studio album. As of this recording, the ensemble has been on the scene for over thirty-five years. This recording features the current edition of the Eleventet based in Philadelphia, PA.


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Steve Cal Band – Room to Move

Title : Room to Move
Release Date : December 24, 2014
Format : CD

Steve Cal – Guitar

Sandy Eldred – Bass

Felix Manzi – Drums


The “Hendrix-esque” Room to Move is Steve Cal’s second album. The sound is raw, but not underproduced and the record has a “live in the studio” sound and feel. This is a breath of fresh air compared to the the current ‘Nashville-esque” sound of some of the major artists today.

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Steve Cal Band

Title : Steve Cal Band
Release Date : November 1, 2013
Format : CD

Steve Cal – Guitar

Sandy Eldred – Bass

Melinda Gervasio – Drums

Blues rock guitarist, singer, and songwriter Steve Cal’ and his band, The Steve Cal’ Band’s take on the blues, their way, on this debut 2013 release.

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Mars Apes

Title : Mars Apes
Release Date : May 1, 2012
Format : CD

Mark Allen (s)

Dave Bozenhard (g)

Rihards Fedotovs (d)

Sandy Eldred (b)

… dedicated themselves to exploring an original body of work and developing a distinctive group identity. The result is this very album.

Each of these remarkable young musicians has contributed creative, well developed, and often complex compositions to this recording. Their music is rich in gooves, textured, odd time signatures, and mixed meters, executed with virtuosic ease. All that and great solos too! What will they think of next?

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