Norman David & The Eleventet – Continuing Action

Title : Continuing Action
Release Date : March 23, 2020
Catalog ref. : CoolCraft CC41-05
Format : CD

This is the first of two Eleventet album releases during the 40th-year celebration of my band. The performances here showcase The Eleventet at three points over a span of 19 years. The personnel varies on the three sessions, but the “Eleventet sound” is always there—in-your-face and packed with energy. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the bandmembers are always of the highest caliber.
In early 2001, when I was teaching at Ursinus College, just northwest of Philadelphia, The Eleventet performed as part of the college’s annual concert series. The band was hot that evening in front of an enthusiastic audience. Ten years later, I set to music some of the writings of my friend, Ethel Rackin, a prolific and acclaimed poet. The Eleventet played the world premiere in Philadelphia and that performance was also a resounding success. Both of these concerts were recorded at the time, yet never released—until now. To complete this album’s program, I composed a three-movement suite. Recorded in studio, the work is a feature for The Eleventet’s rhythm section, augmented with electric guitar and vibraphone, but the entire ensemble has its moments too.
I have been steadfast in keeping The Eleventet at the forefront of my work throughout my professional career. Maintaining a roster of top players, as well as writing new music on a monthly or even weekly basis, is daunting. But I (happily) persist and the music goes on.
Continuing action!
— N. D. March 4, 2020, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania