Norman David & The Eleventet – On Point

Title : On Point
Release Date : March 23, 2020
Catalog ref. : CoolCraft CC41-06
Format : CD

This is the fifth Eleventet album overall and the second one issued during the 40th-year celebration of my band. (The first one is Continuing Action/CoolCraft CC41-05.) It has been immensely gratifying throughout the decades to hear top players interpreting and soloing over the music. These latest tracks were a joy to produce and you will hear that the bandmembers lay them down big-time, as expected. There is plenty of hard-driving swing, of course, and there are also fat doses of other grooves and freer playing. I hope you are, and will continue to be, affected by the music.
—N.D. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, March 9, 2020