Slowbern – Dreams of Daedalus

Title : Slowbern - Dreams of Daedalus
Release Date : November 1, 2017
Format : CD

O’Beirne has been leading Slowbern (formerly Slowburn) since 2010 and he describes the band as a “community” with a large pool of potential members circulating in and out depending upon availability. Dreams of Daedalus features a cast of musicians who have been there since the beginning – Carl Schultz (tenor saxophone), Felix Manzi (drums), Josh Anderson (trumpet), Sandy Eldred (bass) and Dave Bozenhard (guitar). The band also includes many of O’Beirne’s old professors at UArts in Philadelphia including John Swana and Tony Miceli, both Philly jazz legends. A trumpet hero of O’Beirne’s, Nick Marchione was able to play lead trumpet on the album; Sean Bailey also lent his clarinet acumen to the project doing woodwind overdubs.