U.S.E. Trio

U.S.E. (Urbina, Scarano, Eldred)

U.S.E. Trio (Urbina, Scarano, Eldred)


New U.S.E. Trio album, “Sideways Circle LIVE”, coming November 5, 2019 on LabelWhoAble.

Sideways Circle (studio album)

We are happy to announce that our debut album, Sideways Circle, was released June 7, 2019, on Ukrainian jazz label, LabelWhoAble.

“U.S.E.—Urbina, Scarano, Eldred—adventurous, fresh, exciting, focused…honest. These are gifted musicians and Sideways Circle is their title for this debut album. It is a provocative title with implications. The trio, in fact, comes at you from multiple perspectives and angles—sideways, forward, backward, up and down, in and out, diagonally. Their music and playing are not constrained by convention; the group dynamic is organic and completely attractive; the beautifully-constructed compositions are heartfelt, ferocious, soothing, in your face, gentle. From the plaintive, yet energetic “Features of a Forgotten Face,” to the pointillistic and hard driving “One Zero Nine,” to the inward-looking “That Story About You,” to the powerful outpouring of “What Did You Think?”—and on everything in between—this band cooks at all temperatures. The music and the playing are original and deep. U.S.E.—Urbina, Scarano, Eldred. They understand the sources, their collective voice is compelling, and they know where they are going. This is a trio of the highest order.”
— Norman David, Philadelphia, April 24, 2019

U.S.E. – Sideways Circle – LabelWhoAble



U.S.E. - Sideways Circle